zok-logoHKJ Group provides customers with 'State of the art' water wash fluid from ZOK, which is approved for the vast majority of industrial gas turbine models, as well as for the aviation industry. ZOK is an environmental product which satisfies the strong regulations applicable to EU and offshore North Sea legislation. ZOK products are internationally approved and are used worldwide on all types of engines from small helicopter to the largest power generators.

ZOK cleaning products and inhibitors for aviation jet engine and industrial gas turbine compressors are used by oil & gas companies, the aerospace industry, including SAR (Search and Rescue) helicopter operators, military and commercial maritime professionals, as well as power generating enterprises.

Cleaning with ZOK extends the time between major overhauls, increasing the availability and reliability of any compressor plus reducing through life costs. One operation cleans and protects the engine and also inhibits corrosion.

The regular washing of gas turbine compressors is known to provide the most effective method of preventing long term compressor fouling. It ensures maximum available power output, improved fuel efficiency and reduced wear and tear on components, such as bearings and blades.

ZOK products are biodegradable meeting the demanding requirements for aquatic toxicity.

HKJ Offshore Solutions is proud to be the approved official distributor for Denmark.
For further information about the product and delivery, please do not hesitate to contact Finn Hansen by phone at: +45 7546 8030 or +45 2075 6833 or by e-mail at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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